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s last name, first name, week number, and hours
worked, and then you make a report from that query, grouping on last name only. See Figure B-69.
Suppose you make a query that shows an employee
Query-based report grouped on last name
As you preview the report, notice the repeating data from the First Name field. In the report shown in
Figure B-69, notice that the first name repeats for each week worked
hence, the staircase effect. The Week #
and Hours fields are shown as subordinate to Last Name, as desired.
Suppose you want the last name and first name to appear on the same line. If so, take the report into
Layout view for editing. Click the first record for the First Name (in this case, Joseph), and drag the name up
to the same line as the Last Name (in this case, Brady). Your report will now show the First Name on the
same line as Last Name, thereby eliminating the staircase look, as shown in Figure B-70.
Report with Last Name and First Name on the same line in Layout view
You can now add the sum of Hours for each group. Also, if you want to add more fields to your report,
such as Street Address and Zip, you can repeat the preceding procedure.
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