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4. Select Use existing Tables and Queries, then select Hours Worked from the list. Click Next,
select Choose from a List, click Next again, and then click Finished. Select the Form view. Your
form and subform should resemble Figure B-80. You may need to stretch out the subform box in
Design view if all fields are not visible.
Form with subform
Access users sometimes create databases that have problems. Some of these common problems are described
below, along with their causes and corrections.
I saved my database file, but I can
t find it on my computer or my external secondary storage
medium! Where is it?
You saved your file to a fixed disk or a location other than the Documents folder. Click the
Windows Start button, then use the Search option to find all files ending in .accdb (search for
*.accdb). If you saved the file, it is on the hard drive (C:\) or a network drive. Your site assistant
can tell you the drive designators.
m trying to enter records into my Sales table. The first
record was for a sale of product X to customer 101, and I was able to enter that one. But when
I try to enter a second sale for customer #101, Access tells me I already have a record with
that key field value. Am I allowed to enter only one sale per customer?
What is a
duplicate key field value
Your primary key field needs work. You may need a compound primary key
a combination of
the customer number and some other field(s). In this case, the customer number, product
number, and date of sale might provide a unique combination of values, or you might consider using
an invoice number field as a key.
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