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[Time Out]
[Time In] yields the decimal percentage of a 24-hour day. In your case, eight hours
is one-third of a day. You must complete the expression by multiplying by 24: ([Time Out]
[Time In]) * 24. Don
t forget the parentheses.
I formatted a calculated field for Currency in the query generator, and the values did show as
currency in the query output; however, the report based on the query output does not show the
dollar sign in its output. What happened?
Go to the report Design view. A box in one of the panels represents the calculated field
s value.
Click the box and drag to widen it. That should give Access enough room to show the dollar sign
as well as the number in the output.
I told the Report Wizard to fit all of my output to one page. It does print to one page, but some
of the data is missing. What happened?
Access fits all the output on one page by leaving data out. If you can tolerate having the output
on more than one page, deselect the Fit to a Page option in the wizard. One way to tighten
output is to enter Design view and remove space from each box that represents output values and
labels. Access usually provides more space than needed.
I grouped on three fields in the Report Wizard, and the wizard prints the output in a staircase
fashion. I want the grouping fields to be on one line. How can I do that?
Make adjustments in Design view and Layout view. See the
Creating Reports
section of this
tutorial for instructions on making these adjustments.
When I create an Update query, Access tells me that zero rows are updating or more rows are
updating than I want. What is wrong?
If your Update query is not set up correctly (for example, if the tables are not joined properly),
Access will either try not to update anything or it will update all of the records. Check the
query, make corrections, and run it again.
I made a Totals query with a Sum in the Group By row and saved the query. Now when I go
back to it, the Sum field reads
is entered in the field name box. Is that
Access sometimes changes the Sum field when the query is saved. The data remains the same,
and you can be assured your query is correct.
I cannot run my Update query, but I know it is set up correctly. What is wrong?
Check the security content of the database by clicking the Security Content button. You may
need to enable certain actions.
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