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Case 2: Internet Jets Reservation System Database
Designing a Relational Database to Create Tables,
Forms, Queries, and Reports
In this case, you will design a relational database for a private jet leasing service. After your database design
is completed and correct, you will create database tables and populate them with data. Then you will produce
one form with a subform that allows you to reserve jets; you will also produce five queries and one report.
The queries will address the following questions: Which members live in a specified state? What are the
reservations for mid-March? What is the most popular jet reserved? Who is the most popular pilot in terms of
customer requests? Your report, based on a query, will display the reservations requested by each member.
Before attempting this case, you should have some experience in database design and in using
Microsoft Access.
Complete any part of Database Design Tutorial A that your instructor assigns.
Complete any part of Access Tutorial B that your instructor assigns, or refer to the tutorial as
Refer to Tutorial F as necessary.
Internet Jets is a company that provides private airplane service to customers who have joined the
organization and pay a yearly fee. The growing company is interested in having you design and create a database for
its reservation system. Billing and payments will be executed in a different system that is already up and
Before you begin, you need to know a few details about the business. Internet Jets operates by recruiting
members to actually own a small part of the company’s fleet of airplanes. For example, members pay a yearly
fee to own 1/16 th of an airplane, and are then able to fly for approximately 50 hours per year. The benefits of
this approach include predictable costs and a guaranteed jet for use whenever the need arises.
Your system should include information about the members of this cooperative company. Each member
will be assigned a unique identification number to avoid erroneous bookings. Other recorded information will
include the member’s name, address, cell phone number, and e-mail address, because all bookings are
reserved via the Internet.
Internet Jets owns three different categories of airplanes: models with light cabins, mid-sized cabins, and
large cabins. Figure 2-1 shows the capacity and range of each type of plane.
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