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Assignment 2A: Creating Tables in Access
In this part of the assignment, you will create your tables in Access. Use the following guidelines:
Enter at least seven records for the products: two types of t-shirts (short and long sleeved), two
types of fleece jackets (pullover and zipped), hoodies, baseball caps, and fleece hats. Assume that
all apparel except headwear comes in small, medium, and large sizes.
Enter records for at least nine customers. Use your own name, address, telephone number, and
e-mail address to create an additional customer record. Assume that the business comes from
your university town and one other town nearby.
Each customer should have at least one order; a few customers should place two orders. Each
order should contain multiple items.
Appropriately limit the size of the text fields; for example, a telephone number does not need
the default length of 255 characters.
Print all tables if your instructor requires it.
Assignment 2B: Creating Forms, Queries, and Reports
You will generate one form with a subform, six queries, and two reports, as outlined in the Background
section of this case.
Create a form and subform based on your Orders table and Order Line Item table (or whatever you named
these tables). Save the form as Orders. Your form should resemble that in Figure 4-2.
Orders form and subform
Query 1
Create a select query called Products Less Than $20 that displays a list of all products that cost less than $20.
Your output should resemble that shown in Figure 4-3, although your data will be different.
Products Less Than $20 query
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