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Best Customers query
Report 1
Create a report named Customers
s output should show headings for Customer Name,
Product Description, Quantity, New Price, and Total. All of this data originates in a query, in which all
customers who live in a specified city receive a 10 percent discount. All other customers pay the full price. The
discounted price or full price is noted in the New Price column. Then you calculate the amount of money
owed for each product, which is the New Price multiplied by the Quantity. Save the query as For Report,
bring the query data into a report, and group the report on Customer Name. Make sure that all column
headings and data are visible and that all money amounts are formatted properly into currency. Depending on
your data, your output should resemble that shown in Figure 4-7.
Orders. The report
Customers Orders report
Report 2
To impress Susan, bring the Favorite Colors query output into a report. Save the report as Favorite Colors.
Make sure that all column headings and data are visible. Depending on your data, your report should
resemble that in Figure 4-8.
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