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Case 5: The Precious Metal Depository Database
Designing a Relational Database to Create Tables, Forms,
Queries, and Reports
In this case, you will design a tracking system relational database for a company that stores precious metals
for investors. After your database design is completed and correct, you will create database tables and
populate them with data. Then you will produce two forms, nine queries, and two reports. The forms will
record all deliveries and withdrawals from the depository. The queries will list the guards who worked at the
depository on a specific day, determine the most popular deliveries and withdrawals, and calculate the hours
worked by the guards for a specified month. Queries will also determine the city wage tax for a specific
month. In addition, queries will list deliveries and withdrawals for customers by precious metal type and
shape (bullion bars or coins). You will use a query to delete erroneous records. Finally, you will create two
reports to list guards
hours for specific months.
Before attempting this case, you should have some experience in database design and in using
Microsoft Access.
Complete any part of Database Design Tutorial A that your instructor assigns.
Complete any part of Access Tutorial B that your instructor assigns, or refer to the tutorial as
Refer to Tutorial F as necessary.
The Precious Metal Depository, known as PMD, is located in a nondescript building in suburban Los Angeles.
PMD holds precious metal bars called bullion and precious metal coins for investors. In the past, investors
would simply hold a certificate or “note” that represented their ownership of an expensive metal. Now, given
the credit crunch and shaky financial markets, investors often want to own the metals themselves. PMD
serves these customers by holding their precious metals in its highly secure building. Only a handful of
companies specialize in this type of business.
The price of precious metals has risen significantly as investors pursue stable returns. Investing in
precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium is usually considered safer in times of financial
turmoil. Precious metals usually come either in bullion or coins.
PMD believes in the
armored trucks are always unmarked, and the drivers have undergone extensive background checks; many
were trained in the military. Vaults at the depository are heavily secured, and two guards are always present
when the bullion and coins are handled. Customers are assured that their data is secure and that no sensitive
information is released.
safety, security, and sensitivity
as its top priorities. The company
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