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Summarizing data that meets specific conditions
Enter ]) to complete the formula, and then press Enter to display the value
$637,051.00 in cell F13 .
CLEAN UP Close the ITExpenses workbook, saving your changes if you want to.
Summarizing data that meets specific
Another use for formulas is to display messages when certain conditions are met. For
instance, Consolidated Messenger’s VP of Marketing, Craig Dewar, might have agreed to
examine the rates charged to corporate customers who were billed for more than $100,000
during a calendar year. This kind of formula is called a conditional formula ; one way to
create a conditional formula in Excel is to use the IF function. To create a conditional formula,
you click the cell to hold the formula and open the Insert Function dialog box. From within
the dialog box, click IF in the list of available functions, and then click OK. When you do, the
Function Arguments dialog box opens.
When you work with an IF function, the Function Arguments dialog box has three boxes:
Logical_test, Value_if_true, and Value_if_false. The Logical_test box holds the condition you
want to check. If the customer’s year-to-date shipping bill appears in cell G8, the expression
would be G8>100000 .
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