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Using array formulas
Click OK to close the message box.
Click the File tab and then click Options to open the Excel Options dialog box.
Click the Formulas category label.
Select the Enable iterative calculation check box, and then click OK to close the
Excel Options dialog box.
Press F9 to recalculate the worksheet. The correct values of $1,481.48 and
$18,518.52 appear in cells B6 and B7 , respectively.
Click the Formulas tab, click the Calculation Options button, and then click
Automatic .
CLEAN UP Close the PackagingCosts workbook, saving your changes if you want to.
Using array formulas
Most Excel formulas calculate values to be displayed in a single cell. For example, you could
add the formulas =B1*B4 , =B1*B5 , and =B1*B6 to consecutive worksheet cells to calculate
shipping insurance costs based on the value of a package’s contents.
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