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Formatting cells
PRACTICE FILES To complete the exercises in this chapter, you need the practice files
contained in the Chapter04 practice file folder. For more information, see “Download
the practice files” in this topic’s Introduction.
Formatting cells
Excel spreadsheets can hold and process lots of data, but when you manage numerous
spreadsheets it can be hard to remember from a worksheet’s title exactly what data is kept
in that worksheet. Data labels give you and your colleagues information about data in a
worksheet, but it’s important to format the labels so that they stand out visually. To make
your data labels or any other data stand out, you can change the format of the cells that
hold your data.
Most of the tools you need to change a cell’s format can be found on the Home tab. You can
apply the formatting represented on a button by selecting the cells you want to apply the
style to and then clicking that button. If you want to set your data labels apart by making
them appear bold, click the Bold button. If you have already made a cell’s contents bold,
selecting the cell and clicking the Bold button will remove the formatting.
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