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Formatting cells
You can also make a group of cells stand apart from its neighbors by changing its shading,
which is the color that fills the cells. On a worksheet that tracks total package volume for
the past month, Lori Penor could change the fill color of the cells holding her data labels
to make the labels stand out even more than by changing the labels’ text formatting.
TIP You can display the most commonly used formatting controls by right-clicking
a selected range. When you do, a Mini Toolbar containing a subset of the Home tab
formatting tools appears above the shortcut menu.
If you want to change the attributes of every cell in a row or column, you can click the
header of the row or column you want to modify and then select the format you want.
One task you can’t perform by using the tools on the Home tab is to change the standard
font for a workbook, which is used in the Name box and on the formula bar. The
standard font when you install Excel is Calibri, a simple font that is easy to read on a computer
screen and on the printed page. If you want to choose another font, click the File tab, and
then click Options. On the General page of the Excel Options dialog box, set the values in
the Use This Font and Font Size list boxes to pick your new display font.
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