Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Defining styles
Click the File tab, and then click Options to open the Excel Options dialog box.
If necessary, click General to display the General page.
In the When creating new workbooks area, in the Use this as the default font list,
click Verdana . Verdana appears in the Use This Font field.
Click Cancel to close the Excel Options dialog box without saving your change.
CLEAN UP Close the VehicleMileSummary workbook, saving your changes if you
want to.
Defining styles
As you work with Excel, you will probably develop preferred formats for data labels, titles,
and other worksheet elements. Instead of adding a format’s characteristics one element at a
time to the target cells, you can have Excel store the format and recall it as needed. You can
find the predefined formats by displaying the Home tab, and then in the Styles group,
clicking Cell Styles.
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