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Making numbers easier to read
In the Category list, click Custom to display the available custom number formats in the Type
list. You can then click the base format you want and modify it in the Type box. For example,
clicking the 0.00 format causes Excel to format any number in a cell with two digits to the
right of the decimal point.
TIP The zeros in the format indicate that the position in the format can accept any number
as a valid value.
To customize the format, click in the Type box and add any symbols or text you want to the
format. For example, entering a dollar ($) sign to the left of the existing format and then
entering “per month” (including quote marks) to the right of the existing format causes the
number 1,500 to be displayed as $1500.00 per month .
IMPORTANT You need to enclose any text to be displayed as part of the format in quotes so
that Excel recognizes the text as a string to be displayed in the cell.
In this exercise, you’ll assign date, phone number, and currency formats to ranges of cells.
SET UP You need the ExecutiveSearch workbook located in the Chapter04 practice
file folder to complete this exercise. Open the workbook, and then follow the steps.
Click cell A3 .
On the Home tab, click the Font dialog box launcher to open the Format Cells
dialog box.
If necessary, click the Number tab.
In the Category list, click Date to display the available date formats in the Type list.
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