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Limiting data that appears on your screen
In this exercise, you’ll filter worksheet data by using a series of AutoFilter commands, create
a filter showing the five days with the highest delivery exception counts in a month, create a
search filter, and create a custom filter.
SET UP You need the PackageExceptions workbook located in the Chapter05 practice
file folder to complete this exercise. Open the workbook, and then follow the steps.
On the ByRoute worksheet, click any cell in the cell range B2:F27 .
On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Sort & Filter , and then click Filter to
display a filter arrow in each column’s header cell.
Click the Date column filter arrow and then, from the menu that appears, clear the
March check box. When you do, Excel removes the check from the March check box
and changes the state of the Select All and 2013 check boxes to indicate that some
items within those categories have been filtered.
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