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Filtering Excel table data by using slicers
Select the check box next to the columns for which you want to create a slicer, and click OK.
When you do, Excel displays a slicer for each column you identified.
TIP If you have already applied a filter to the column for which you display a slicer, the slicer
reflects the filter’s result.
A slicer displays the values within the Excel table column you identified. Any value displayed
in color (or gray if you select a gray-and-white color scheme) appears within the table.
Values displayed in light gray or white do not appear in the table.
Clicking an item in a slicer changes that item’s state—if a value is currently displayed in a
table, clicking the value hides it. If it’s hidden, clicking its value in the slicer displays it in the
table. As with other objects in an Excel workbook, you can use the Shift and Ctrl keys to
help define your selections. For example, suppose you create a slicer for the Month column
while every month is displayed.
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