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Filtering Excel table data by using slicers
To use a slicer to remove a filter, click the Clear Filter button in the upper-right corner of
the slicer. If you want to resize a slicer, you can do so by dragging the resize handle in the
lower-right corner of the slicer. To delete the slicer, right-click its title bar and then click the
menu command that starts with the word Remove . For example, the Month column’s menu
command would be Remove Month.
TIP You can change a slicer’s formatting by clicking the slicer and then, on the Slicer Tools
Options tool tab, clicking a style in the Slicer Styles gallery.
In this exercise, you’ll filter the contents of an Excel table by using a slicer.
SET UP You need the Slicers workbook located in the Chapter05 practice file folder to
complete this exercise. Open the workbook, and then follow the steps.
Click any cell in the Excel table.
On the Insert tab of the ribbon, click the Slicer button to display the Insert Slicers
dialog box.
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