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Defining valid sets of values for
When you’re ready to hide the circles, in the Data Validation list, click Clear Validation
Of course, it’s frustrating if you want to enter data into a cell and, when a message box
appears that tells you the data you tried to enter isn’t acceptable, you aren’t given the rules
you need to follow. With Excel, you can create a message that tells the user which values
are expected before the data is entered and then, if the conditions aren’t met, reiterate the
conditions in a custom error message.
You can turn off data validation in a cell by displaying the Settings page of the Data
Validation dialog box and clicking the Clear All button in the lower-left corner of the dialog
In this exercise, you’ll create a data validation rule that limits the credit line of Consolidated
Messenger customers to $25,000, add an input message mentioning the limitation, and
then create an error message if someone enters a value greater than $25,000. After you
create your rule and messages, you’ll test them.
SET UP You need the Credit workbook located in the Chapter05 practice file folder to
complete this exercise. Open the workbook, and then follow the steps.
Select the cell range J4:J7 . Note that cell J7 is currently blank; you will add a value to
it later in this exercise.
On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click Data Validation to open the Data
Validation dialog box, which displays the Settings page.
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