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Key points
Click cell J7 to make it the active cell and display the ScreenTip.
Enter 25000 , and press Enter .
On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click the Data Validation arrow and then,
in the list, click Circle Invalid Data . A red circle appears around the value in cell J4 .
In the Data Validation list, click Clear Validation Circles to remove the red circle from
around the value in cell J4 .
CLEAN UP Close the Credit workbook, saving your changes if you want to.
Key points
A number of filters are defined in Excel. (You might find that the one you want is
already available.)
Filtering an Excel worksheet based on values in a single column is easy to do, but you
can create a custom filter to limit your data based on the values in more than one
column as well.
With the search filter capability, you can limit the data in your worksheets based on
characters the terms contain.
Don’t forget that you can get a running total (or an average, or any one of several
other summary operations) for the values in a group of cells. Just select the cells and
look on the status bar: the result will be there.
Use data validation techniques to improve the accuracy of data entered into your
worksheets and to identify data that doesn’t meet the guidelines you set.
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