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Sorting worksheet data
To delete a level, click the level in the list, and then click Delete Level. By clicking the Copy
Level button, you can put all the settings from one rule into another, saving yourself some
work if you need to change only one item. By clicking the Move Up and Move Down
buttons, which display an upward-pointing arrow and a downward-pointing arrow,
respectively, you can change a sorting level’s position in the order. Finally, clicking the Options button
opens the Sort Options dialog box, which you can use to make a sorting level case sensitive
and to change the orientation of the sort.
In this exercise, you’ll sort worksheet data, sort by multiple criteria, change the order in
which sorting criteria are applied, and sort data by color.
SET UP You need the ShippingSummary workbook located in the Chapter06 practice
file folder to complete this exercise. Open the workbook, and then follow the steps.
Click cell C3 . On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click the Sort & Filter button
and then, in the list, click Sort A to Z . Excel sorts the data by season, with the seasons
listed in alphabetical order.
In the Sort & Filter list, click Custom Sort to open the Sort dialog box and display the
parameters of the sort you just applied.
If it’s not already selected, select the My data has headers check box.
In the Column list, click Customer . If necessary, in the Sort On list, click Values ; then
in the Order list, click A to Z .
Click Add Level to create a new sorting level.
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