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Sorting data by using custom lists
The selected cell range’s reference appears in the Import List From Cells field. To record
your list, click the Import button.
If you prefer, you can enter the list in the List Entries box, to the right of the Custom Lists
TIP Another benefit of creating a custom list is that dragging the fill handle of a list cell that
contains a value causes Excel to extend the series for you. For example, if you create the list
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter , then enter Summer in a cell and drag the cell’s fill handle, Excel
extends the series as Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall , and so on.
To use a custom list as a sorting criterion, open the Sort dialog box, click the rule’s Order
arrow, click Custom List, and select your list from the dialog box that opens.
TIP The Data tab of the ribbon also contains a Sort & Filter group with controls you can use
to sort and filter your data.
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