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Organizing data into levels
Clicking the Level 2 button in the worksheet would hide the rows with data on, for example,
each month’s revenue, but would leave the row that contains the grand total (Level 1) and
all rows that contain the subtotal for each year (Level 2) visible in the worksheet.
If you want to, you can add levels of detail to the outline that Excel creates. For example,
you might want to be able to hide revenues from April to June, which you know are
traditionally strong months. To create a new outline group within an existing group, select the
rows you want to group; on the Data tab, in the Outline group, point to Group, and then
click Group.
You can remove a group by selecting the rows in the group and then, in the Outline group,
clicking Ungroup.
TIP If you want to remove all subtotals from a worksheet, open the Subtotal dialog box,
and click the Remove All button.
In this exercise, you’ll add subtotals to a worksheet and then show and hide different
groups of data in your worksheet by using the outline that appears.
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