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Identifying the different Excel 2013 programs
The Microsoft Office User Experience team has enhanced your ability to customize the Excel
user interface. If you find that you use a command frequently, you can add it to the Quick
Access Toolbar so it’s never more than one click away. If you use a set of commands
frequently, you can create a custom ribbon tab so they appear in one place. You can also hide,
display, or change the order of the tabs on the ribbon.
In this chapter, you’ll get an overview of the different Excel programs that are available and
discover features that are available in Excel 2013. You’ll also create and modify workbooks
and worksheets, make workbooks easier to find, and customize the Excel 2013 program
PRACTICE FILES To complete the exercises in this chapter, you need the practice files
contained in the Chapter01 practice file folder. For more information, see “Download
the practice files” in this topic’s Introduction.
Identifying the different Excel 2013
The Microsoft Office 2013 suite includes programs that give you the ability to create
and manage every type of file you need to work effectively at home, business, or school.
The programs include Microsoft Word 2013, Excel 2013, Outlook 2013, PowerPoint 2013,
Access 2013, InfoPath 2013, Lync 2013, OneNote 2013, and Publisher 2013. You can
purchase the programs as part of a package that includes multiple programs or purchase
most of the programs individually.
With the Office 2013 programs, you can find the tools you need quickly and, because they
were designed as an integrated package, you’ll find that most of the skills you learn in one
program transfer readily to the others. That flexibility extends well beyond your personal
computer. In addition to the traditional desktop Excel program, you can also use Excel 2013
on devices with ARM chips and over the web. The following describes the different Excel
2013 programs that are available to you:
Microsoft Excel 2013 desktop edition This program is installed directly on your
computer. It includes all of the capabilities built into Excel 2013. You can purchase the
desktop edition as part of an Office program suite, as a separate program, or as part
of the Office 365 subscription package that lets you install the desktop versions of
Office programs over the Internet.
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