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Linking to data in other
Linking to data in other
worksheets and workbooks
Copying and pasting data from one workbook to another is a quick and easy way to gather
related data in one place, but there is a substantial limitation: if the data from the original
cell changes, the change is not reflected in the cell to which the data was copied. In other
words, copying and pasting a cell’s contents doesn’t create a relationship between the
original cell and the target cell.
You can ensure that the data in the target cell reflects any changes in the original cell by
creating a link between the two cells. Instead of entering a value into the target cell by
typing or pasting, you create a formula that identifies the source from which Excel will derive
the target cell’s value and updates the value when it changes in the source cell.
To create a link between cells, open both the workbook that contains the cell from which
you want to pull the value and the workbook that has the target cell. Then click the target
cell and enter an equal sign, signifying that you want to create a formula. After you enter
the equal sign, activate the workbook that has the cell from which you want to derive the
value, click that cell, and then press the Enter key.
When you switch back to the workbook with the target cell, you will find that Excel has
filled in the formula with a reference to the cell you clicked.
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