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Linking to data in other
In this exercise, you’ll create a link to another workbook, make the link’s reference invalid,
use the Edit Links dialog box to break the link, and then re-create the link correctly.
SET UP You need the OperatingExpenseDashboard and FleetOperatingCosts
workbooks located in the Chapter07 practice file folder to complete this exercise. Open the
workbooks, and then follow the steps.
In the OperatingExpenseDashboard workbook, in cell I6 , enter = , but do not press
On the View tab, in the Window group, click Switch Windows and then, in the list,
click FleetOperatingCosts to display the FleetOperatingCosts workbook.
If necessary, click the Plane Repair sheet tab to display the Plane Repair worksheet,
and then click cell C15 . Excel updates the formula to =’[FleetOperatingCosts.xlsx]
Plane Repair’!$C$15 .
Press Enter . Excel displays the OperatingExpenseDashboard workbook; the value
$2,410,871 appears in cell I6 .
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