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Consolidating multiple sets of data
Click the Collapse Dialog button again to contract the Consolidate dialog box.
In the Switch Windows list, click FebruaryCalls to display the FebruaryCalls
Select the cell range C5:O13 , and then click the Expand Dialog button to restore the
Consolidate dialog box to its full size.
Click Add to add the range ‘[FebruaryCalls.xlsx]February’!$C$5:$O$13 to the All
references box.
Click OK to consolidate the JanuaryCalls and FebruaryCalls workbook data into the
range C5:O13 in the Consolidate workbook. You didn’t change the SUM operation
in the Function box, so the values in the Consolidate workbook are the sum of the
other workbooks’ values.
CLEAN UP Close the Consolidate, JanuaryCalls, and FebruaryCalls workbooks, saving
your changes if you want to.
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