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If you are upgrading from Excel 2007
Recommended Charts As with Recommended PivotTables, Excel recommends the
most suitable charts based on patterns in your data. You can display the suggested
charts, click the one you want, and modify it so it’s perfect.
Chart formatting control You can fine-tune your charts quickly and easily. Change
the title, layout, or other elements of your charts from a new and interactive interface.
Chart animations When you change the underlying data in a chart, Excel updates
your chart and highlights the change by using an animation.
Cloud capability You can now share workbooks stored online or post part of a
workbook to your social network by posting a link to the file.
Online presentation capability You can share your workbook and collaborate in
real time with others as part of a Microsoft Lync conversation or meeting. You can also
allow others to take control of your workbook during the conversation or meeting.
If you are upgrading from Excel 2007
In addition to the features added in Excel 2013, the Excel programming team introduced
the following features in Excel 2010:
Manage Excel files and settings in the Backstage view When the User Experience
and Excel teams focused on the Excel 2007 user interface, they discovered that several
workbook management tasks that contained content-related tasks were sprinkled
among the ribbon tabs. The Excel team moved all of the workbook management
tasks to the Backstage view, which users can access by clicking the File tab.
Preview data by using Paste Preview With this feature, you can preview how your
data will appear in the worksheet before you commit to the paste.
Customize the Excel 2010 user interface The ability to make simple modifications
to the Quick Access Toolbar has been broadened to include many more options for
changing the ribbon interface. You can hide or display built-in ribbon tabs, change
the order of built-in ribbon tabs, add custom groups to a ribbon tab, and create
custom ribbon tabs, which can also contain custom groups.
Summarize data by using more accurate functions In earlier versions of Excel,
the program contained statistical, scientific, engineering, and financial functions that
would return inaccurate results in some relatively rare circumstances. The Excel
programming team identified the functions that returned inaccurate results and
collaborated with academic and industry analysts to improve the functions’ accuracy.
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