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If you are upgrading from Excel 2007
Summarize data by using sparklines In his book Beautiful Evidence (Graphics Press),
Edward Tufte describes sparklines as “intense, simple, wordlike graphics.” Sparklines
take the form of small charts that summarize data in a single cell. These small but
powerful additions to Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 enhance the program’s reporting
and summary capabilities.
Filter PivotTable data by using slicers Slicers visually indicate which values appear in
a PivotTable and which are hidden. They are particularly useful when you are
presenting data to an audience that contains visual thinkers who might not be skilled at
working with numerical values.
Filter PivotTable data by using search filters Excel 2007 introduced several new
ways to filter PivotTables. These filtering capabilities have been extended with the
introduction of search filters. With a search filter, you begin entering a sequence of
characters that occur in the term (or terms) by which you want to filter. As you enter
these characters, the filter list of the PivotTable field displays only those terms that
reflect the values entered into the search filter box.
Visualize data by using improved conditional formats The Excel programming
team greatly extended the capabilities of the data bar and icon set conditional
formats introduced in Excel 2007. The team also enabled you to create conditional
formats that refer to cells on worksheets other than the one on which you’re defining
the format.
Create and display math equations With the updated equation designer, you can
create any equation you require. The editor has several common equations built in,
such as the quadratic formula and the Pythagorean theorem, but it also contains
numerous templates that you can use to create custom equations quickly.
Edit pictures within Excel 2010 One very helpful capability is the ability to remove
the background elements of an image. Removing an image’s background enables you
to create a composite image in which the foreground elements are placed in front
of another background. For example, you can focus on a lower’s bloom and remove
most of the leaves and stem from the photo. After you isolate the foreground image,
you can place the bloom in front of another background.
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