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Finding optimal solutions by using Solver
If you want to require Solver to find solutions that use only integer values (that is, values
that are whole numbers and have no decimal component), you can do so by clicking the
Options button in the Solver Parameters dialog box to open the Options dialog box.
If necessary, clear the Ignore Integer Constraints check box and click OK to save your setting
and return to the Solver Parameters dialog box.
Finally, you can create constraints that will set the limits for the values Solver can use. To
do so, click Add to open the Add Constraint dialog box. You add constraints to the Solver
problem by selecting the cells to which you want to apply the constraint, selecting the
comparison operation (such as less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, or must be an
integer), and clicking in the Constraint box to select the cell with the value of the constraint.
You could also enter a value in the Constraint box, but referring to a cell makes it possible
for you to change the constraint later without opening Solver.
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