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If you are upgrading from Excel 2003
If you are upgrading from Excel 2003
In addition to the changes in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013, users upgrading from Excel 2003
will notice several more significant changes:
The ribbon Unlike in previous versions of Excel, in which you hunted through a
complex toolbar and menu system to find the commands you wanted, you can use the
ribbon user interface to find everything you need at the top of the program window.
Larger data collection capability The larger worksheet includes more than 1 million
rows and 16,000 columns.
New file format The Excel file format (.xlsx) uses XML and file compression
techniques to reduce the size of a typical file by 50 percent.
Expanded cell and worksheet formatting Vast improvements have been made to
the color management and formatting options found in previous versions of the
program. You can have as many different colors in a workbook as you like, for example,
and you can assign a design theme to a workbook.
Excel tables These enable you to enter and summarize your data efficiently. If you
want to enter data in a new table row, all you have to do is enter the data in the row
below the table. When you press Tab or Enter after entering the last cell’s values, Excel
expands the table to include your new data. You can also have Excel display a Totals
row, which summarizes your table’s data by using a function that you specify.
Improved charting With the charting engine, you can create more attractive charts.
Formula AutoComplete When you enter formulas into an Excel worksheet cell, the
program displays a list of options from which you can choose for each formula
element, greatly accelerating formula entry.
Additional formulas With the added formulas, such as AVERAGEIFS, users can
summarize data conditionally.
Conditional formatting With conditional formats, users can create data bars and
color scales, assign icon sets to values, assign multiple conditional formats to a cell,
and assign more than three conditional formatting rules to a cell.
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