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Creating charts
As shown in the preceding graphic, the Year column doesn’t belong in the Legend Entries
(Series) pane, which corresponds to a column chart’s vertical axis. To remove a column
from an axis, select the column’s name, and then click Remove. To add the column to the
Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels pane, click that pane’s Edit button to display the Axis
Labels dialog box, which you can use to select a range of cells on a worksheet to provide
values for an axis.
In the Axis Labels dialog box, click the Collapse Dialog button at the right edge of the Axis
Label Range field, select the cells to provide the values for the horizontal axis (not
including the column header, if any), click the Expand Dialog button, and then click OK. Click OK
again to close the Select Data Source dialog box and revise your chart.
After you create your chart, you can change its size to reflect whether the chart should
dominate its worksheet or take on a role as another informative element on the worksheet. For
example, Gary Schare, the chief executive officer of Consolidated Messenger, could create a
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