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Working with the ribbon
Screen resolution Screen resolution is the size of your screen display expressed as
pixels wide × pixels high. Your screen resolution options are dependent on the display
adapter installed in your computer, and on your monitor. Common screen resolutions
range from 800 × 600 to 2560 × 1600. The greater the number of pixels wide (the
first number), the greater the number of buttons that can be shown on the ribbon.
To change your screen resolution:
1 Display the Screen Resolution control panel item in one of the following ways:
Right-click the Windows desktop, and then click Screen Resolution .
Enter screen resolution in Windows 8 Search, and then click Adjust screen
resolution in the Settings results.
Open the Display control panel item, and then click Adjust resolution .
2 On the Screen Resolution page, click the Resolution arrow, click or drag to select
the screen resolution you want, and then click Apply or OK .
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