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Creating dual-axis charts
You can plot these two data series using separate axes by creating a combo chart. To do
that, click the chart and then, on the Design tool tab, click Change Chart Type to display the
dialog box of the same name. In the Change Chart Type dialog box, click the All Charts tab,
and then click Combo to display the Combo charts page.
You can now use the controls in the Choose The Chart Type And Axis For Your Data Series
area of the dialog box to select how to plot each series. To choose how to format a series,
click the Chart Type arrow for that series and select its chart type. If you want the series to
be plotted in relation to the values on the left vertical axis, leave the Secondary Axis check
box cleared. To have the series plotted in relation to the values on the right vertical axis,
select the Secondary Axis check box.
When you click OK, Excel creates your chart.
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