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Summarizing your data by using sparklines
Consolidated Messenger, every value would be positive and the win/loss sparkline would
impart no meaningful information. Comparing revenue to revenue targets, however, could
result in positive, negative, or tie values, which can be meaningfully summarized by using a
win/loss sparkline.
To create a win/loss sparkline, follow the same data selection process and click the Win/Loss
Months in which Consolidated Messenger’s branch exceeded its revenue target appear in
the top half of the cell in blue, months in which the branch fell short of its target appear in
the bottom half of the cell in red, and the month in which the revenue was exactly the same
as the target is blank.
After you create a sparkline, you can change its appearance. Because a sparkline takes up
the entire interior of a single cell, resizing that cell’s row or column resizes the sparkline.
You can also change a sparkline’s formatting. When you click a sparkline, Excel displays the
Design tool tab.
You can use the tools on the Design tool tab to select a new style; show or hide value markers;
change the color of your sparkline or the markers; edit the data used to create the sparkline;
modify the labels on the sparkline’s axes; or group, ungroup, or clear sparklines. You can’t
delete a sparkline by clicking its cell and then pressing the Delete or Backspace key—you
must click the cell and then, on the Design tool tab, click the Clear button.
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