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Working with the ribbon
The magnification of your screen display If you change the screen magnification
setting in Windows, text and user interface elements are larger and therefore more
legible, but fewer elements it on the screen. You can set the magnification from 100
to 500 percent.
You can change the screen magnification from the Display page of the Appearance
And Personalization control panel item. You can display the Display page directly
from Control Panel or by using one of the following methods:
Right-click the Windows desktop, click Personalize , and then in the lower-left
corner of the Personalization window, click Display .
Enter display in Windows 8 Search, and then click Display in the Settings results.
To change the screen magnification to 125 percent or 150 percent, click that option
on the Display page. To select another magnification, click the Custom Sizing Options
link and then, in the Custom Sizing Options dialog box, click the magnification you
want in the drop-down list or drag the ruler to change the magnification even more.
After you click OK in the Custom Sizing Options dialog box, the custom magnification
is shown on the Display page along with any warnings about possible problems with
selecting that magnification. Click Apply on the Display page to apply the selected
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