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Creating diagrams by using SmartArt
Shows a series of items that typically require a large amount of text to explain
Shows a progression of sequential steps through a task, process, or workflow
Shows a process with a continuous cycle or relationships of core elements
Shows hierarchical relationships, such as those within a company
Shows the relationships between two or more items
Shows the relationship of components to a whole by using quadrants
Shows proportional, foundation-based, or hierarchical relationships such as a
series of skills
Shows one or more images with captions
TIP Some of the diagram types can be used to illustrate several types of relationships.
Be sure to examine all your options before you decide on the type of diagram to use to
illustrate your point.
After you click the button that represents the type of diagram you want to create, click OK
to add the diagram to your worksheet.
While the diagram is selected, Excel displays the Design and Format tool tabs. You can use
the tools on the Design tool tab to change the graphic’s layout, style, or color scheme. The
Design tool tab also contains the Create Graphic group, which is home to tools you can use
to add a shape to the SmartArt graphic, add text to the graphic, and promote or demote
shapes within the graphic.
As an example, consider a process diagram that describes how Consolidated Messenger
handles a package within one of the company’s regional distribution centers.
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