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Creating shapes and mathematical equations
Right-click the Comptroller shape, and then click Format Shape to display the
Format Shape pane.
If necessary, click the Fill category to display the ill options.
Verify that the Solid ill option is selected, click the Color button and then, in the
Standard Colors area of the color picker, click the red swatch.
Click Close . Excel changes the shape’s ill to red.
CLEAN UP Close the OrgChart workbook, saving your changes if you want to.
Creating shapes and
mathematical equations
With Excel, you can analyze your worksheet data in many ways, including summarizing your
data and business processes visually by using charts and SmartArt. You can also augment
your worksheets by adding objects such as geometric shapes, lines, flowchart symbols, and
To add a shape to your worksheet, click the Insert tab and then, in the Illustrations group,
click the Shapes button to display the shapes available. When you click a shape in the
gallery, the pointer changes from a white arrow to a thin black crosshair. To draw your shape,
click anywhere in the worksheet and drag the pointer until your shape is the size you want.
When you release the mouse button, your shape appears and Excel displays the Format tool
tab on the ribbon.
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