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Customizing the Excel 2013
Customizing the Excel 2013
program window
How you use Excel 2013 depends on your personal working style and the type of data
collections you manage. The Excel product team interviews customers, observes how
differing organizations use the program, and sets up the user interface so that many users
won’t need to change it to work effectively. If you do want to change the program window,
including the user interface, you can. You can change how Excel displays your worksheets;
zoom in on worksheet data; add frequently used commands to the Quick Access Toolbar;
hide, display, and reorder ribbon tabs; and create custom tabs to make groups of
commands readily accessible.
Zooming in on a worksheet
One way to make Excel easier to work with is to change the program’s zoom level. Just as
you can “zoom in” with a camera to increase the size of an object in the camera’s viewer,
you can use the zoom setting to change the size of objects within the Excel program
window. For example, if Peter Villadsen, the Consolidated Messenger European Distribution
Center Manager, displayed a worksheet that summarized his distribution center’s package
volume by month, he could click the View tab and then, in the Zoom group, click the Zoom
button to open the Zoom dialog box. The Zoom dialog box contains controls that he can
use to select a preset magnification level or to enter a custom magnification level. He could
also use the Zoom control in the lower-right corner of the Excel window.
Clicking the Zoom In control increases the size of items in the program window by 10
percent, whereas clicking the Zoom Out control decreases the size of items in the program
window by 10 percent. If you want more fine-grained control of your zoom level, you can
use the slider control to select a specific zoom level or click the magnification level
indicator, which indicates the zoom percentage, and use the Zoom dialog box to set a custom
magnification level.
The Zoom group on the View tab contains the Zoom To Selection button, which fills the
program window with the contents of any selected cells, up to the program’s maximum
zoom level of 400 percent.
TIP The minimum zoom level in Excel is 10 percent.
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