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Filtering, showing, and hiding PivotTable data
TIP You can also create selection filters for PivotTables by using slicers, which are
introduced in Chapter 5, “Focusing on specific data by using filters.” To display the Insert
Slicers dialog box for a PivotTable, click any cell in the PivotTable, click the Analyze tool tab,
and then click Insert Slicer.
The PivotTable displays several sorting options, commands for different categories of filters,
and a list of items that appear in the field you want to filter. Every list item has a check box
next to it. Items with a check mark in the box are currently displayed in the PivotTable, and
items without a check mark are hidden.
The first entry at the top of the item list is the Select All check box. This check box can have
one of three states: displaying a check mark, displaying a black square, or empty. If the
Select All check box contains a check mark, then the PivotTable displays every item in the
list. If the Select All check box is empty, then no filter items are selected. Finally, if the Select
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