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Arranging multiple workbook windows
displaying the worksheet that contains the data in the original window and displaying the
worksheet with the formula in the new window. When you change the data in either copy
of the workbook, Excel updates the other copy. To display two copies of the same
workbook, open the workbook and then, on the View tab, in the Window group, click New
Window to opens a second copy of the workbook. To display the workbooks side by side,
on the View tab, click Arrange All. Then, in the Arrange Windows dialog box, click Vertical
and then click OK.
If the original workbook’s name is MisroutedPackages, Excel displays the name
MisroutedPackages:1 on the original workbook’s title bar and MisroutedPackages:2
on the second workbook’s title bar.
TROUBLESHOOTING If the controls in the Window group on the View tab don’t affect your
workbooks as you expect, you might have a program, such as SkyDrive for PC, open in the
background that prevents those capabilities from functioning.
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