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Arranging multiple workbook windows
Adapting exercise steps
The screen shots shown in this topic were captured at a screen resolution of 1024 ×
768, at 100-percent magnification. If your settings are different, the ribbon on your
screen might not look the same as the one shown in this topic. As a result, exercise
instructions that involve the ribbon might require a little adaptation. This topic’s
instructions use this format:
On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click the Chart button.
If the command is in a list, the instructions use this format:
On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click the Find arrow and then, in the
Find list, click Go To .
If your display settings cause a button to appear differently on your screen than it
does in this topic, you can easily adapt the steps to locate the command. First click
the specified tab, and then locate the specified group. If a group has been collapsed
into a group list or under a group button, click the list or button to display the group’s
commands. If you can’t immediately identify the button you want, point to likely
candidates to display their names in ScreenTips.
This topic provides instructions based on traditional keyboard and mouse input
methods. If you’re using Excel on a touch-enabled device, you might be giving
commands by tapping with your finger or with a stylus. If so, substitute a tapping action
any time the instructions ask you to click a user interface element. Also note that
when the instructions ask you to enter information in Excel, you can do so by typing
on a keyboard, tapping in the entry field under discussion to display and use the
onscreen keyboard, or even speaking aloud, depending on your computer setup and
your personal preferences.
In this exercise, you’ll change a worksheet’s zoom level, zoom to maximize the display of a
selected cell range, switch between workbooks, and arrange all open workbooks on your
SET UP You need the PackageCounts and MisroutedPackages workbooks located in
the Chapter01 practice file folder to complete this exercise. Open both workbooks, and
then follow the steps.
In the MisroutedPackages workbook, in the lower-right corner of the Excel window,
click the Zoom In control five times to change the worksheet’s zoom level to 150% .
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