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Previewing worksheets before printing
The blue lines in the window represent the page breaks. If you want to set a page break
manually, you can do so by displaying your worksheet in Page Break Preview mode,
rightclicking the row header of the row below where you want the new page to start, and
clicking Insert Page Break. In other words, if you right-click the row header of row 15 and then
click Insert Page Break, row 14 will be the last row on the first printed page, and row 15 will
be the first row on the second printed page. The same technique applies to columns: if you
right-click the column H column header and click Insert Page Break, column G will be the
last column on the first printed page, and column H will be the first column on the second
printed page.
You can also add page breaks without displaying your workbook in Page Break Preview
mode. To add a page break while your workbook is open in Normal view, click a row or
column header and then, on the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup area, click Breaks, and
click Insert Page Break. You can use the commands in the Breaks list to delete a page break
or to reset all of the page breaks in your worksheets.
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