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Printing parts of worksheets
TIP You can include noncontiguous groups of cells in the area to be printed by holding
down the Ctrl key as you select the cells. Noncontiguous print areas will be printed on
separate pages.
After you define a print area, you can use the options in the Page Setup dialog box to
position the print area on the page. Specifically, you can have Excel center the print area on the
page by selecting the Horizontally and Vertically check boxes in the Center On Page area of
the Margins page.
If the contents of a worksheet will take up more than one printed page, you can have Excel
repeat one or more rows at the top of the page or columns at the left of the page. For
example, if you want to print a lengthy worksheet that contains the mailing addresses of
customers signed up to receive your company’s monthly newsletter, you could repeat the
column headings Name, Address, City, and so forth at the top of the page. To repeat rows
at the top of each printed page, on the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print
Titles. Excel will display the Sheet page of the Page Setup dialog box.
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