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Customizing the ribbon
To select which tabs appear in the tabs pane on the right side of the screen, click the
Customize The Ribbon field’s arrow and then click either Main Tabs, which displays the tabs
that can appear on the standard ribbon; Tool Tabs, which displays the tabs that appear
when you click an item such as a drawing object or PivotTable; or All Tabs.
TIP The procedures taught in this section apply to both the main tabs and the tool tabs.
Each tab’s name has a check box next to it. If a tab’s check box is selected, then that tab
appears on the ribbon. You can hide a tab by clearing the check box and bring the tab back
by selecting the check box. You can also change the order in which the tabs are displayed
on the ribbon. To do so, click the name of the tab you want to move and then click the
Move Up or Move Down arrow to reposition the selected tab.
Just as you can change the order of the tabs on the ribbon, you can change the order in
which groups of commands appear on a tab. For example, the Page Layout tab contains
five groups: Themes, Page Setup, Scale To Fit, Sheet Options, and Arrange. If you use the
Themes group less frequently than the other groups, you could move the group to the right
end of the tab by clicking the group’s name and then clicking the Move Down button until
the group appears in the position you want.
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