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Examining macros
The Excel default macro security level is Disable All Macros With Notification, which means
that Excel displays a warning on the Message Bar but allows you to enable the macros
manually. Selecting the Disable All Macros Without Notification option does exactly what the
label says. If Consolidated Messenger’s company policy is to disallow all macros in all Excel
workbooks, its employees would select the Disable All Macros Without Notification option.
IMPORTANT Because it is possible to write macros that act as viruses, potentially causing
harm to your computer and spreading copies of themselves to other computers, you should
never choose the Enable All Macros security setting, even if you have virus-checking software
installed on your computer.
Examining macros
The best way to get an idea of how macros work is to examine an existing macro. To do
that, display the View tab. In the Macros group, click the Macros button, and then click
View Macros.
TIP In the Macro dialog box, you can display the macros available in other workbooks
by clicking the Macros In box and selecting a workbook by name or selecting All Open
Workbooks to display every macro in any open workbook. If you select either of those
choices, the macro names that are displayed include the name of the workbook in which
the macro is stored. Clicking This Workbook displays the macros in the active workbook.
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