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Examining macros
The Macro dialog box displays a list of macros in your workbook. To view the code behind a
macro, you click the macro’s name and then click Edit to open the Visual Basic Editor.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Alt+F11 to open and close the Visual Basic Editor. For a
complete list of keyboard shortcuts, see “Keyboard shortcuts” at the end of this topic.
Excel macros are recorded by using VBA. Consider, for example, the code for a macro that
selects the cell range B4:C4 and changes the cells’ formatting to bold. The first line of the
macro identifies the cell range to be selected (in this case, cells C4:C9). After the macro
selects the cells, the next line of the macro changes the formatting of the selected cells to
bold, which has the same result as when you click a cell and then click the Bold button in
the Font group on the Home tab.
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