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Running macros when a workbook is opened
Click cell C11 and then, in the Macros list, click Stop Recording to stop recording
your macro.
In the Macros list, click View Macros to open the Macro dialog box.
Click Highlight , and then click Run . The macro formats the contents of cells C4 , C6 ,
and C10 in bold type.
On the Quick Access Toolbar , click the Save button.
Click the Close button to close the RunOnOpen workbook.
Display the Backstage view, click Recent Workbooks , and then click RunOnOpen.
xlsm . If a warning appears, click Enable Content , and then click OK to enable macros.
RunOnOpen opens, and the contents of cells C4 , C6 , and C10 change immediately to
regular type.
CLEAN UP Close the RunOnOpen workbook, saving your changes if you want to.
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