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Adding combo boxes to UserForms
box’s arrows to scroll through the list of available values. When you find the value you want,
click it to highlight it.
IMPORTANT When you enter data in a UserForm’s list box, you must click the item in the list
box so that it is highlighted. The item displayed isn’t necessarily the selected item.
Adding combo boxes to UserForms
In a list box, users can select a value from a predetermined list of values; in a text box, they
can enter any text value they want. A combo box provides either mode of entry, which is
more flexible than a list box but introduces the possibility that misspellings might lead to
inconsistent data entry.
To add a combo box to a UserForm, display the UserForm in the Visual Basic Editor and
then, in the Toolbox, click the Combobox button. Draw the outline of the combo box on
the body of the UserForm to create it.
As with the list box, you can provide its values by assigning an Excel table to the RowSource
property, using a statement such as =ServiceLevels .
Adding option buttons to UserForms
With option buttons, users can indicate whether an option, such as whether a delivery
requires signature confirmation, is turned on or turned off. You can also create groups
of option buttons that lets users select at most one option from the group at a time.
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