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Adding combo boxes to UserForms
To add an option button to a UserForm, display the UserForm and then, in the Toolbox,
click the Option Button control. Draw the option button on the UserForm. Its properties
will be displayed in the Properties panel. The most common properties you’ll change are
the button’s Name and Caption properties.
The Name property controls how you refer to the option button in your VBA code. To
change the control’s label text, you need to change the value of the Caption property. For
example, you could change the caption property to read Signature .
TIP If you want an option button to be selected by default, change its Value property from
False to True.
You can also create groups of option buttons where only one of the buttons can be
selected at a time. For example, you might want a user to select a shipping method from among
the options of ground, two day, three day, overnight, and priority overnight. To allow only
one option button of those five to be selected at a time, you assign the same GroupName
property value to each button. You could create the Methods group to allow one selection
from the alternatives.
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