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Chapter 13: Working with other Office programs
Working with other
Office programs
Link to Office documents from workbooks.
Embed workbooks into other Office documents.
Create hyperlinks.
Paste charts into other Office documents.
By itself, Microsoft Excel 2013 provides a broad range of tools that you can use to store,
present, and summarize your financial data. When you use other Microsoft Office 2013
programs, you can extend your capabilities even further, by creating databases,
presentations, written reports, and custom webpages through which you can organize and
communicate your data in print and over networks.
All the Office programs interact with each other in many useful ways. For example, you
can include a file created with another Office program in an Excel workbook. If you use
Microsoft Word 2013 to write a quick note about why a customer’s shipping expenditures
decreased significantly in January, you can include the report in your workbook. Similarly,
you can include your Excel workbooks in documents created with other Office programs.
If you want to copy only part of a workbook, such as a chart, into another Office document,
you can do that as well.
Excel integrates well with the web. If you know of a web-based resource that would be
useful to someone who is viewing a document, you can create a hyperlink to connect
from a document to a place in the same file or to another file anywhere on a network
or the Internet that the user’s computer can reach.
In this chapter, you’ll link to an Office document from a worksheet, embed an Excel
workbook into another Office document, create hyperlinks, and paste an Excel chart into
another document.
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