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Embedding workbooks into other Office documents
Click Consolidated Messenger FY2013 to activate its text box.
Select the FY2013 text, and then enter Calendar Year 2013 .
In PowerPoint, on the Quick Access Toolbar , click the Save button. (You’ll use this
presentation again in the next exercise.) Because the presentation is linked to the
workbook, Excel updates the linked object’s appearance to reflect the new text.
CLEAN UP Leave the 2013YearlyRevenueSummary presentation open for the next
exercise. Close the SummaryPresentation workbook, saving your changes if you want to.
Embedding workbooks into other
Office documents
In the preceding section, you linked to another file from within your Excel workbook.
The advantages of linking to a second file are that the file size of your workbook is kept
small and any changes in the second document will be reflected in your workbook. The
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